Good Dental Health Starts With the Parents

Picture this, several years from now, your child is in the dental chair and has cavities and painful dental decay. Your child is probably inconvenienced by having to leave school in order to get their teeth fixed by a professional dentist. Not only is the dental visit time-consuming, but the resulting bill is shocking. After you look at the bill and look at your child who has had hours of dental work done, you may then think, “How did this happen?” Well, in this blog, we will tell you!

Common Dental Mistakes Parents Make

Children don’t understand the importance of their teeth. Without a guiding hand, your child will not know the importance of their teeth or even how to brush their teeth thoroughly. Ultimately, the quality of a child’s teeth is due to the education given to them by their parents. For instance, if a parent is not willing to teach their child how to brush their teeth, they will not know how.
In this blog, we will discuss common mistakes parents make when it comes to the quality of their child’s teeth. Hopefully, by reading this blog, you will gain an understanding of what you must do as a parent to ensure your child grows into healthy and strong teeth!

Parents Won’t Brush With Their Kids

Brushing your teeth is not difficult to learn. But how to brush your teeth is a whole other story. Anyone can move their brush from side-to-side, but to thoroughly clean your teeth, it takes practice and education. As a parent, you should not only teach your child how to thoroughly brush their teeth, but monitor them when they do it. If parents aren’t vigilant to watch their children brush their teeth, children can bypass the process completely. After all, brushing your teeth isn’t necessarily fun, but it is vital to your child’s overall health. If they don’t see the value in brushing their teeth and aren’t watched over when they are brushing, they won’t brush long enough to fully clean their teeth.

Delaying Dental Visits

Parents can delay dental visits because they believe they cannot make time to see the dentist. Every person should see the dentist at least twice a year. These visits are very important, especially if you have a child. With each visit, your dentist will be able to see the dental growth of your child and foresee eventual problems, such as crowded teeth, crooked teeth, dental decay, and so much more. One guaranteed way to ruin your child’s teeth is to never go to the dentist. Without regular dental visits, your family dentist won’t be able to treat your child’s smile, clean it, inspect it, or even coat it with fluoride to protect teeth from developing cavities. As you can see, your dentist is vital to the dental health of your child.

Not Restricting Your Child’s Diet

To a child, anything delicious is good for them. This is not the case, obviously. Cookies, candy, and soda are not main food groups and should not be ingested as such. Unfortunately, many parents aren’t aware of the damage their child’s diet is doing to their teeth. High-sugar products are destructive to your child’s teeth and can build up dental acids. These acids can erode your child’s teeth and dissolve their enamel. And, once the enamel is gone, it cannot be replenished.

The Smile Zone

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