Check-Ups Are Important! Especially for Your Kids

Check-ups are important! Whether they be for your physical or dental health! However, despite the importance of check-ups for adults, children also need to have their teeth looked at at least twice a year. Why? Well, just like adults, children can develop dental issues. And, by not being able to catch serious problems ahead of time, their dental issues can be much worse and last a lifetime.
As a parent, it is important to stay on top of your child’s dental health. And what is the best way to do that? Bring them into your preferred pediatric dentist bi-annually. Together, the dentist will be able to inspect your child’s teeth and look for irregularities or possible problems in the future.

Children’s Dentist: What Do They Do?

Pediatric dentists are able to take a look inside your little one’s mouth and make sure everything is growing the right way. Children can sometimes be born with crooked, uneven, or even misplaced teeth. Having a dental professional examine their teeth can do wonders in preventing serious dental issues. And, with the help of a pediatric dentist, you can show your child the importance of dental hygiene.

But what is a dentist able to accomplish in a single visit?

Professional Teeth Cleaning

When you bring your child in for their dental check-up, the dentist will always be able to fully clean their teeth. This means that any lingering sugar, grime, or food will be taken off their teeth in just a few moments. This, of course, will leave them with a perfectly clean smile for the next few months. Having routine dental cleanings can be extremely advantageous for your child because it can clear their teeth of any problematic bacteria. This will be able to keep up their dental health and make sure their teeth are staying clean and bright.

Digital X-Rays

Also during your visit, your dentist and their dental staff will be able to give your child an x-ray. A digital x-ray is such a valuable resource for your dentist because it allows them to look at your child’s teeth and see how they are growing in. With an x-ray, if there is an issue, such as a tooth coming in crooked, your dentist can account for it and plan a way to fix the tooth before it becomes a problem. When teeth grow in crooked or misshapen, this can cause issues with the surrounding teeth in your child’s mouth. Crowding can be an issue that can cause severe misalignments in your child’s smile. And, if braces are inevitable, digital imaging will buy you some time to prepare your child for the process of braces.

Cavity Detection

At The Smile Cone, we have DIAGNOdent, an innovative method for examining your child’s teeth for cavities. By using this special form of dental lasers, we can quickly and efficiently detect and cavities or decay on your child’s teeth. Due to this amazing technology, we can scout a problem long before it causes your child any pain or causes lasting damage to their teeth. For instance, cavities can lead to serious dental issues and dental pain. Having the ability to detect cavities before they fully develop can be extremely beneficial to you, your child, and your dentist.

Other Important Procedures

Aside from routine cleanings, x-rays, and cavity detection, our professionals will be able to able to discuss the importance of proper hygiene with your child. So much of growing up is being able to understand why you do the things you do. For kids, learning why parents pester them to brush twice a day is vital to their dental health throughout their lives. Gaining the understanding of proper dental health is essential to your child’s health, which is why dental check-ups are important. At a check-up, your pediatric dentist can inspect your child’s teeth and ensure that no dental issues are happening. More importantly, this time can be advantageous for your child to learn about their teeth, why their teeth matter, and what steps are necessary to keep their teeth bright and clean.

The Smile Zone Dental Care For Children

If you are looking for a pediatric dentist, look no further. The Smile Zone is ideal for children to learn about their teeth and receive their bi-annual check-ups. Here, at our facility, they will be able to gain the best care from experienced professionals. See how we use technology, like our DIAGNOdent lasers, to improve your child’s smile. Call us today to schedule an appointment.