1. What To Look For In a Kids Dentist

    We understand what you’re very likely thinking right now. “My kid is going to lose their teeth anyway.” So what’s the point in taking them to see a pediatric dentist, much less on a routine basis? Great question, one you’re not alone in having! Unfortunately, a child’s healthy smile does…Read More

  2. How Many Licks Does It Take To Get A Cavity?

    Back in 1970, Mr. Oliver Owl attempted to answer the now infamous question, “How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?!” He tries his best but decided that the world may never know. As dentists, we feel it’s our responsibility to ask the more important que…Read More

  3. Protect Those Teeth!

    Your teeth may be stronger than bone, but that won’t matter much when a baseball is flying directly at your kid’s face. Today in this blog we’re going to cover the different types of mouthguards available and which sports your children — and yourself! — should definitely wear a mouthguard …Read More

  4. Are X-Rays Safe For My Child?

    X-Rays can be pretty scary to anyone outside of the medical field. We’re constantly inundated with silly skits on televisions of x-rays. Like ones showing light bulbs in places they shouldn’t be — if you’re not sure what we’re talking about, here’s a link to the classic Scrubs episode …Read More

  5. Is Chewing Traditional Gum A Good Thing?

    Is Gum Good for Gums? Bubblegum! Spearmint! Cinnamon! There are so many flavors of gum that there are almost too many to count. Chewing gum can be a perfect activity when you are feeling stressed, you need to focus, or if you have smelly breath. But is chewing gum good for children? Of course, there…Read More

  6. Teeth Stains and Your Child’s Dental Health

    Protect Your Child’s Teeth From Stains Now that the winter holidays are over, we can slowly stop eating all the cakes and cookies that seem to go along with the season. But, more problematic holidays are on the horizon. Parents need to be prepared for the impending holidays and the harmful treats …Read More

  7. Common Pediatric Dental Mistakes Parents Make

    Good Dental Health Starts With the Parents Picture this, several years from now, your child is in the dental chair and has cavities and painful dental decay. Your child is probably inconvenienced by having to leave school in order to get their teeth fixed by a professional dentist. Not only is the d…Read More

  8. The 4 Most Sugary Foods and Drinks For Your Children

    Sugar-Filled Food and Drinks That Are Terrible for Your Child’s Teeth Based on the obesity statistics of America, you would assume that sugar and fat are the major food groups of our country. Though both sugar and fat are collectively considered one of the food groups, it is not supposed to be the…Read More

  9. Why Pediatric Dental Check-Ups Are Important

    Check-Ups Are Important! Especially for Your Kids Check-ups are important! Whether they be for your physical or dental health! However, despite the importance of check-ups for adults, children also need to have their teeth looked at at least twice a year. Why? Well, just like adults, children can de…Read More