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Complete Checkups

Even if your child is not experiencing any oral health issues, it is still very important that they receive regularly scheduled dental checkups. The experts at Gentle Touch Smiles for Kids strongly advise parents to bring their children in for a complete dental checkup twice per year. These routine examinations are used as a way to keep track of your child’s oral health and to provide timely treatment in the event that any issues are discovered.

A complete dental checkup at Gentle Touch Smiles for Kids will include a professional teeth cleaning, digital X-rays (when necessary), an oral cancer screening and cavity detection using DIAGNOdent. We also use this opportunity to provide parents with important information about providing proper care for their child’s developing teeth.

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Also referred to as prophylaxis, a professional teeth cleaning is designed to ensure cleanliness throughout a child’s entire mouth, including their teeth and gums. The process involves using special dental tools to eliminate the hardened plaque that has built up on the surface of the teeth and below the gum line. Then, surface stains are removed by thoroughly polishing the teeth. After a child has received a professional teeth cleaning, they will experience a sense of true oral freshness for many months to come.

Digital X-Rays

Digital X-rays are used to safely and instantly examine the hidden areas of a child’s mouth and oral structures. This allows the dentist to detect problems or issues that would otherwise be invisible and to obtain the best possible understanding of any symptoms that your child is experiencing. Once we know the exact cause of an issue, we are able to provide your child with the best treatment possible.

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is a serious oral health problem that can affect patients of any age. Because oral cancer is best treated in its earliest stages, it is very important that it is caught as quickly as possible. That is why the dental health specialists at Gentle Touch Smiles for Kids conduct an oral cancer screening during every complete dental checkup. We take the time to examine your child’s lips, tongue, face, gums, throat and oral tissues for any signs or symptoms of oral cancer.

Cavity Detection with DIAGNOdent

DIAGNOdent is an innovative method for examining your child’s teeth for cavities. Through the use of special dental lasers, our team can quickly and efficiently detect any cavities or deterioration that is present. These dental lasers are also used to check your child’s gums for any signs or symptoms of periodontitis, also known as gum disease.

The team at Gentle Touch Smiles for Kids looks forward to providing your child with their next complete dental checkup. Please call us at (302) 213-3300 to schedule an appointment.

Our Happy Patients

"Just went for my sons first ever visit to the dentist and my friend had recommended this location to us. Went there and it was absolutely wonderful. Everyone was super friendly and my son had a great time. The play area, known as the "Smile Zone" is wonderful for relaxing kids before they have to see the dentist. Then the staff there is super nice and friendly which makes it even better for the kids. Definitely going to continue to take my son there!"

Jenna H Jenna H.

"Where do I begin as my children are new patients this Practice by far is the best Pediatric Dental Office I have ever seen or experienced! From the pleasant staff to the top notch service! Kid friendly is an understatement from the comfortable lounge area to the free arcade. The technicians we amazing my children are asking when do we go back! Extremely happy with my decision to take my children here thank you! We are here to stay!!!"

Queen P Queen P.

"I love the facility, the people, and the caliber of care of Gentle Smiles. My daughter went from scared of the dentist to excited to go, and that is after this team had to spend extra time cleaning her teeth from the years of build-up that our previous dentist left. I love that they allow you to stay with your child during dental work, should you desire to. I now carry Gentle Smiles business cards with me to give to people I know."

Mary M Mary M.
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