Losing baby teeth is a normal part of growing up; however, when they come out too soon, there is a real danger that an adjacent tooth may begin to shift or adjust position. This can cause serious damage since a tooth may shift in an undesired way, and it can also prevent an emerging adult tooth from coming in properly. Dental spacers are used as a way to stop this potentially dangerous situation from occurring.

Dental spacers work by keeping the teeth that are still inside the mouth steady in place. Dental spacers are most commonly used when a child loses a baby tooth at a very early age, possibly due to an accident. In these situations, it may be a long time before the permanent adult tooth emerges, giving the adjacent teeth ample time to make unwanted shifts or adjustments in positioning.

There are many kinds of dental spacers, and different types are used depending upon the needs of the child. Based on the type of spacer, it may be fixed inside the mouth or removable for easy cleaning. Although using a spacer can take some getting used to, most children find that they are extremely comfortable to wear, and they usually forget that they are even using one in the first place.