Many children suffer anxiety during dental visits, that’s why pediatric dentists offer sedation dentistry for them to feel comfortable and relax. Gentle Touch Smiles For Kids in Wilmington specializes in sedation dentistry for children for them to receive proper oral care and their safety as a top priority. Through sedation it allows patients to relax and they will feel numbness in every dental procedure.

What are the most common types of sedation for children?

  • Laughing gas: Laughing gas also known as Nitrous Oxide is a type of conscious sedation often used for children who have mild or moderate anxious or nervous. By using laughing gas, it eases their level of anxiety. Nitrous gas is always combined with oxygen. It means that the child can easily breathe through the nose and out though the mouth while the dental procedure is on going.
  • Local anesthesia: Pediatric dentist would use local anesthesia. A type of sedation that is directly injected into the area where the dental procedure takes place. It allows the child to feel the numbness instead of pain. Injectable local anesthesia can cause temporary numbness, and because of that the child would feel “fat lips.”

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Anxiety Relief. Because of sedation, it allows the child to feel comfortable all throughout the dental procedure. And this removes a big reason why they avoid to visit their dentist. In short, the more anxious the child feels, the more he or she will benefits dental sedation.
  • Reduces Gag Reflex. The gag reflex is a reflex contraction at the back of the throat that allows the person to throw out any foreign object from the mouth, which is good. But when a gag reflex occurs during a dental procedure, this might be a hindrance for your child to have proper dental care. With sedation dentistry, gag reflex becomes paralyzed and no longer be an issue so that the dentist can work efficiently. Also, your child will become relax during the procedure.
  • Pain Relief. Children are afraid to feel any pain, especially on their tooth and gums. In any related procedural treatments, pain is inevitable. With sedation dentistry, it can cover the pain a patient would feel during the procedure. It blocks off the pain while under the influence on any type of sedation your child’s dentist will use.

Having a hard time dealing with your dental anxiety? Sedation Dentistry in Wilmington can assist you with child-friendly dental care. Contact us at (302) 213-3300 and book your appointment.